No Gravity

NoGravityCover 2‘No Gravity’ Klobas/Kesecker Ensemble

“This self produced release exemplifies the healthy state of independent jazz. One of the most interesting and enjoyable recordings to cross my desk in some time”

  • Mark E. Gallo-Jazz Review

“Broad in it’s scope, the wide spectrum of material here is executed with great craft and artistic consideration by all these fine musicians. Highly Recommended.”

  • Joe Locke-vibraphonist, composer

“The solos presented here are superb. I highly suggest the CD to listeners of all genres of music.”

  • Richard Davis-jazz bassist

“Any time an album features more original songs than covers is a good time. When the originals are free-spirited, unbound by time or other restraints, so much the better. Add to these a few covers that have something freash and invigorating about them, and you’ve got an excellent album. ‘No Gravity’ scores on all fronts.”

  • Woodrow Wilkins-All About Jazz