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For lessons, contact Tommy at tkvibes@aol.com or 415-564-4268

 Tommy Kesecker has been teaching vibes, drums and percussion for decades. He has shared his extensive knowledge with students at some of the most prestigious music schools, including the Jazz School in Berkeley and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he currently teaches in the pre-collegiate division.

Tommy’s wealth of experience as a performer in Jazz big bands, smaller Jazz ensembles and rock & roll bands has given him a broad spectrum of knowledge which he can pass on to a new generation of students. He is committed to making sure all of his students have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of technique and he helps them attain the facility they need to express themselves with confidence. Another key element of Tommy’s teaching approach is his firm belief that students should be able to read music, which is an essential skill set that is required for so many musical opportunities. To that end, he encourages all of his vibes and marimba students to focus considerable attention to the study of Jazz harmony and scales, so that they are empowered to negotiate chord changes and improvise with confidence

With his drum set students, Tommy stresses the basics and encourages them to bring in music TKDrumsPeaceSighnthat they desire to learn. “I find that transcribing songs (and beats) that my drum set students want to play helps motivate them to learn to read music. If they know the song, they are more likely to make the effort to understand what makes that song work, especially from a rhythmic perspective. I also find material to help them advance to the next skill level and become a more well-rounded player.

Tommy knows how valuable his teachers were in helping to guide him down the path of musical fluency on vibes, marimba and drum set. “I’ve had so many great teachers over the years who helped me achieve a greater level of mastery on all the instruments I play and who exposed me to a wide variety of musical styles, which has enhanced my versatility as a professional musician and educator,” said Kesecker.


Tommy’s Teachers:

Drum Set – Cuz Cousineau, John Rae, Chuck Brown, George Marsh

Vibes – Cuz Cousineau, Rick Kvistad, John Rae, Michael Hatfield

Percussion – Barry Jekowsky, Raymond Froelich, Jack Van Geem,


For lessons, contact Tommy at tkvibes@aol.com or 415-564-4268